Birth & Fresh 48

Birth Photography is a beautiful story to document! And I love nothing more than to be your Utah Birth Photographer! I will be the first one to say that I did not have a birth photographer; unfortunately I did not even know such an option was available to me. I had quick and premature births with both my pregnancies, my daughter decided she was ready to enter the world at 33 weeks and my twin boys came along at 34 weeks. I have pictures and I love them to pieces but looking back now I wish that I had more of the story captured. I would have hired a birth photographer so that my sole support system during delivery didn’t have to pull double duty as husband and photographer! I will say that any picture is better than no picture, however if I could go back I certainly would not hesitate in hiring a photographer to capture the birth of any of my children! I want to be there for you and capture this moment so that you and your support system can focus on the most important things in that delivery room, YOURSELF and welcoming your new baby into the world! I can capture as much or as little as you want.


Birth Sessions can be booked as early as you’d like, more often during the second trimester.
I take a limited number of birth sessions each month in order to give you the time and attention you deserve during this exciting time.
Birth sessions as well as bump to baby packages are eligible for a payment plan.


Leading up to your due date I will be on call for your birth, usually 10 days before and 10 days after your due date. Once labor has started and I have been notified of your status I will make my way to you. I will arrive no later than 2 hours after you are admitted to the hospital, however, that this also depends on your status and labor progression at that time. I will be with you when you begin active labor and dilated to  5-7cm and will remain there for 1-2 hours after the delivery. I will be there to capture the laboring process, the emotions and the details of your unique birth story. This will include the labor process, delivery, and post delivery. I will be there for the first cry, the first breath, first gaze into moms eyes, and the first time daddy holds his baby. This session is all about you and your experience; I will capture as much or as little as you want. I am a helper by nature and will make sure you are comfortable and have what you need while I continue to capture your story. While labor and delivery is unpredictable, sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it goes slow, there is no set limit to the number of images that will be produced. You should expect 50-150 final images and your birth session will include the entire digital gallery and a custom keepsake album.
Fresh 48 sessions are almost similar; when you are admitted simply give me a heads up and then let me know when baby is here! I will then set up a time during the next 48 hours to come and photograph you, your baby, and your family in the hospital.


– Includes up to 12 hours of coverage
– 100+ digital images
– Custom keepsake album
– Payment plans available
– Additional products available for purchase
– Products and services are subject to Utah State sales tax.

– 30-40 minute mini session at your birth center
– 15 digital images
– Additional images and products available for purchase
– Products and services are subject to Utah State sales tax.

Maternity, Birth, &  Newborn packages are available.

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Candace Castor is a portrait photographer specializing in Newborn photography, family photography, child photography, and the art of any type of portraits.  Candace currently resides in Clearfield and serves the surrounding areas with her natural light photography.  Candace offers photography sessions in Northern Utah, Weber/Davis/SLC Counties, Hill AFB and surrounding areas. Be sure to get in touch for more information on prices and to book your session with me today.